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Buy the Creative BT-W3 & Aurvana Trio Wireless Bundle

Creative BT-W3 & Aurvana Trio Wireless Bundle

Bluetooth® 5.0 Audio Transmitter & High-definition Wireless Bluetooth Neckband with Hybrid Triple-Driver System


Aurvana Trio Wireless


With the same audiophile-grade hybrid triple-driver system as the Aurvana Trio, the Aurvana Trio Wireless is now back—and free from wires! And being wireless doesn't mean we skimped on audio quality—the Aurvana Trio Wireless features high-quality aptX HD, aptX Low Latency and AAC audio codecs for great audio performance on the go.

Experience exceptional audio clarity with the stylish Aurvana Trio Wireless neckband with Super X-Fi READY, an impressive 20 hours of playtime. Ergonomically designed for long-wearing comfort, Aurvana Trio Wireless's soft and lightweight silicone neckband fits comfortably around your neck, you can wear all day long, from office to happy hour!










Now in wireless form! Without the hassle of tangled wires, the Aurvana Trio Wireless is featured with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 alongside aptX HD, aptX Low Latency and AAC audio codecs so you can enjoy the same high-resolution wireless audio without compromising on sound quality.



The Aurvana Trio Wireless is fitted with a built-in mic with Qualcomm cVc™ 8.0 Noise Cancellation technology that allows for better voice pickup during phone calls. Whether you're leading a conference call at work, or catching up with your friends over video calls, the Aurvana Trio Wireless gives you crystal clear call quality.

Plus, the Aurvana Trio Wireless is also integrated with smart voice assistants for added hands-free convenience. Simply double press on the button located directly on the neckband to activate Siri or Google Assistant without having to reach for your phone.


Aurvana Trio Wireless not only sounds good, it also comes with excellent noise isolation. Our ear tips block out external noise, making it possible for you to enjoy an immersive listening experience in virtually any environment. We have also included extra pairs of silicone and foam tips to provide you with better fit.


Surpassing and doubling the industry average of wireless neckband headphones, Aurvana Trio Wireless has an incredibly long-lasting battery life of up to 20 hours! Stay uninterrupted and power through the entire day, the Aurvana Trio Wireless will see you to the end.

Audio Performance


Housing the same hybrid triple-driver system as Aurvana Trio, each of the three drivers equipped in Aurvana Trio Wireless handles a dedicated range of audio across the audio spectrum to ensure pristine audio reproduction. With two precision balanced armature drivers for clear mids and highs, and one bio-cellulose driver for accurate and powerful bass, you'll get to hear plenty of details!

Balanced Armature Super Tweeter Delivers detailed highs.

Balanced Armature Mid-Range Driver Supports natural mid-range playback.

Bio-cellulose Dynamic Woofer Delivers rich, deep, and accurate bass.

Aurvana Trio Wireless offers astounding clarity across the entire audio spectrum, even at low volumes! Catch all the details that you might have missed previously, and rediscover your favorite tunes!

Engineered to deliver rich yet balanced sound reproduction, you can expect accurate audio that is not overly emphasized and true to its nature.

Enjoy lifelike audio and natural-sounding vocals with minimum sound coloration and hear your songs the way your favorite artists intended for them to be.

Creative BT-W3


Enjoy wireless audio on your PS4™ or Nintendo Switch™ with BT-W3! Creative BT-W3 is a portable Bluetooth audio transmitter equipped with the latest Bluetooth version 5.0 and advanced audio codecs like aptX™ LL and aptX™ HD. With a simple plug-and-play functionality, you can easily enjoy high-quality Bluetooth audio with your PS4™, Nintendo Switch™, PC, or Mac.

Bluetooth 5.0

Latest Bluetooth version with extended range of up to 30m / 100 ft

aptX LL

Lag-free audio that is essential for an enjoyable gaming experience

Codec Selection

Indicator and selection button to effortlessly choose the suitable codec for your usage

Voice Chat

Analog microphone included to enable voice chat during multi-player games1

Multiple Device Support

USB C-to-A converter provided to enable usage across a wider range of devices

1 Works with devices with 4 pole 3.5 mm audio jack. Please note that voice chat for Nintendo Switch is title-dependent, and requires additional firmware to activate the analog microphone. Please refer to the FAQ section below for more information.



Creative BT-W3 supports 4 different Bluetooth codecs—aptX LL, aptX HD, aptX, and SBC. Each of the codec has its own strengths and is suitable for different use cases: aptX LL is essential for a lag-free gaming experience, while aptX HD is ideal for music enjoyment. With the indicator light and codec selection button, you can easily tell which codec you're using and switch to the suitable codec for your usage effortlessly.

aptX Low Latency

aptX HD



Creative BT-W3 works with Bluetooth headphones or speakers, and the codecs available to you are dependent on what your headphones and speakers support—i.e. you need a pair of headphones that support aptX LL to use it with Creative BT-W3! If you're unsure of the codecs supported by your Bluetooth devices, you either check its manufacturer website, or check our FAQ section below.

As long as your Bluetooth device support the corresponding codec, Creative BT-W3 will default to aptX LL first, with aptX HD next in priority, then aptX, and finally SBC.



Latency is a common problem with Bluetooth headphones due to the time required to decode audio. As a result, you may get out-of-sync audio while playing games or watching movies. With aptX Low Latency, you can say goodbye to that annoying lag! This audio codec is engineered to reduce latency to 30-40 milliseconds, which is practically indiscernible by humans. That is 4-6 times shorter than the amount of latency you get with the default SBC codec! Connect your aptX LL compatible headphones to Creative BT-W3 to enjoy seamless transmissions and real-time audio synchronization, without any sacrifice in audio quality!



Designed with convenience as the main goal, the setup for Creative BT-W3 can't be any easier.

Here's how to do it:


Plug the Creative BT-W3 into PS4 / PS5 / Nintendo Switch / PC / Mac.


Press Bluetooth button for 2 seconds until the indicator light flashes blue to indicate pairing mode. Go into pairing mode on your Bluetooth audio playback device as well.


Wait for your device to connect with Creative BT-W3.

And you're done. In fact, you can skip step 2 the next time you want to use Creative BT-W3 with the same pair of headphones.

For devices with USB-A port, we've bundled a USB Type C-to-A converter to use with Creative BT-W3. Simply connect Creative BT-W3 to the converter first before plugging it into your device, and that's it. Then, you can follow the simple 3-step process above and you're done. Easy, huh.



These neckband-style wireless earphones from Creative Labs are simply brilliant. They look great and come with a stylish storage case and a great selection of ear tips. The sound quality, thanks to that special triple-driver arrangement, is simply awesome. Support for aptX HD makes the Aurvana unique in supporting the advanced audio codec at such a competitive price. Although true wireless earphones are all the rage these days, neckband earphones offer a much longer battery life between charges and are less easy to lose. I can’t recommend these earphones highly enough. I like everything about them. They feel well made, they look great and they sound sublime.

Creative BT-W3 & Aurvana Trio Wireless Bundle



What works so well is the solid bass complementing such a lively combination of mids and highs. Call quality is equally up to the task, with impressive clarity on both sides.

Creative BT-W3 & Aurvana Trio Wireless Bundle


Mighty Gadget

Overall, if you want a pair of in-ear headphones and value audio quality and latency over compactness and versatility in use, then these are superb.


Creative BT-W3 & Aurvana Trio Wireless Bundle


Customer Reviews

M. Hairoman

The Aurvana Trio Wireless is comfortable to use with excellent battery span


The performance is far better than other brands, but in a rather low price. When you know Creative, you know what its expertise is! Sound! Definitely worth using it! You will find it lasts longer and you won't wish to let it off your neck / ear before the battery runs out!

F. Palafox

Awesome easy pairing!

A Closer Look

Package Contents

  • Creative BT-W3
    • 1 x Creative BT-W3
    • 1 x USB C-to-A Converter
    • 1 x Analog Microphone
    • Quick Start Leaflet
    • WW Warranty Leaflets
  • Aurvana Trio Wireless
    • 1 x Aurvana Trio Wireless
    • 1 x micro USB Charging Cable
    • 1 x (S), (M) and (L) Silicon Eartips
    • 3 x Pair of Foam Eartips
    • 1 x Carry Pouch
    • 1 x Quick Start Guide
    • 1 x Compliance Leaflet
    • 1 x Warranty Leaflet

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